Aoife Brinkley, a senior clinical psychologist at the child

Addiction is marked by severe deficits in judgment and bad decision making on the part of the addict, saidJones. Believe that drugs, particularly cocaine, affect the orbitofrontal cortex. They coerce the system and hijack decision making. Aoife Brinkley, a senior clinical psychologist at the child obesity service at Temple Street Children University Hospital, said seven out of ten children at the clinic reported bullying, with one tenth self harming as a result, and suffering with depression and anxiety disorders.With a quarter of Irish children classed as overweight or obese, it is thought more and more will be psychologically affected by bullying as a new international report pinpointed weight as the most common form of playground teasing.Dr Brinkley said children with obesity can be so affected by bullying they can no longer face going into the classroom. See kids refusing to go to school. We would have a little group that have struggled or missed a huge amount of school because of the bullying they have experienced.

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