Closely related to relative risk is the odds ratio

Even if you aren’t into stargazing, this augmented reality app is really amazing. We’ve all looked up at the night sky at one time or another and wondered what the name of a star was. Google Sky Maps, based on the season and your location, will identify every object in the sky from planets, to galaxies, stars, constellations, clusters, and other night objects.

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pandora jewellery Treat it just as you would your Inner Critic. Your initial aim is not to argue it just to learn. Once you understand what your internal objections are, th!. Closely related to relative risk is the odds ratio, defined as the odds of disease in exposed persons divided by the odds of disease in unexposed persons. People who bet on horses will be aware that a rate or chance of one in 100 corresponds to odds of 99 to one against; and in general a rate of one in x is equivalent to odds of one to x 1. In most circumstances, the odds ratio is a close approximation to relative risk.. pandora jewellery

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