“Decisions about the M25 and the area around it will be made by

David Hardcastle, project manager of the report, told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme that motorway widening alone had historically encouraged more congestion.A regional road toll scheme around London to stretch from Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire to Chelmsford in Essex, and Guildford in Surrey to Stevenage in HertfordshireAn interim “ramp metering” system which controls the flow of vehicles coming on to the motorway by traffic lightsMr Hardcastle, of consultants KelloggBrown and Root https://www.pandora-charm-uk.com/, said the main recommendation was for an “area wide” charging scheme which would use satellite technology to monitor the journeys of all motorists and charge them per mile.He added: “There are some very stark choices for government in terms of transport in the future.”Either to allow the present congestion to get worse and worse, to try and build their way out of the congestion, which is against government policy and will probably ensure a never ending cycle of road building.”Or road user charging, which offers real prospects to stabilise traffic levels.”Decisions about the M25 and the area around it will be made by the government next year.But ministers have said road tolls will not be introduced during this decade.A government report published in June concluded that if nothing is done to drastically reduce congestion, the M25 corridor will see a 33% increase in traffic by 2016.Earlier in the year Lord Birt, appointed by Tony Blair to look at transport policy, recommended a network of “premium” toll roads to be built alongside existing motorways.Congestion charging starts in central London next February.Do you think tolls are the answer to the M25’s problems? Would you be prepared to pay? What measures would you suggest in their place? E mail us your thoughts using the form below and we will publish a selection here.I live in one of the villages just 2 minutes drive from the M25 and feel that toll charges would create havoc on local roads, already filled with traffic trying to find their way out of M25 queues. Local Councils are unable to repair roads left in an appalling state by the increased traffic due to the Government not looking at the long term effect of the M25.Cindy b pandora jewellery, Charging tolls on congested portions of the M25 could make sense, but “ploughing the profits into public transport” does not. If users are prepared to pay for a scarce resource, should not the profits be used to increase the supply?Gabriel Roth, UKMaking the M25 a toll road is a surefire way to guarantee even worse congestion on every other road around.

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