Trump inauguration: How he do?In his Hundred Days

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Chloe Bags Replica (CNN)The clock is ticking. President Trump has between now and April 29 to make the most of his Hundred Days.Ever since Franklin Roosevelt introduced the term in 1933 as he pushed through Congress one of the boldest domestic agendas that the nation had seen, 75 bills in total, these important weeks in the early history of a presidency have become a lens through which politicians and pundits view the effectiveness of a new leader.The Hundred Day record for presidents is mixed.John F. Kennedy saw a Democratic Congress deeply divided between conservative southern Democrats and liberal northern Democrats stifle most of his domestic agenda, while the Bay of Pigs fiasco in Cuba undercut the perception that many Americans had of his foreign policy competence.Ronald Reagan didn’t get nearly as much done as FDR, as a Republican Senate could not overcome the opposition of a Democratic House, and in March the would be assassin John Hinckley shot him Chloe Bags Replica, but the president was able to get a historic tax reduction moving through Congress and he deregulated oil markets through executive action.Bill Clinton had an even worse experience than Kennedy, despite enjoying a Democratic House until 1994 and even though he had promised overwhelming success.Trump inauguration: How he do?In his Hundred Days, President Obama moved his stimulus bill through Congress and put into motion the financial regulation proposals that would culminate in the Dodd Frank legislation.The truth is that the Hundred Days is just a construct, a way for presidents to define a specific period of time and to create pressure on allies in Congress to move as fast as possible before their time for legislating closes.The entire premise rests on the belief that a president has some “political capital” he can use after an election to push things through Congress, a so called “honeymoon” period when legislators will bend to his will Chloe Bags Replica.

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