You’re not tied to tradition

To avoid holiday feast fatigue, a New Year’s feast should consist of foods the family actually likes. You’re not tied to tradition, so focus on old family favorites, or on foods that some cultures say bring good luck. Don’t eat anything that moves backwards, like lobster.

fondant tools 3. Wine Bottle Stoppers and Bottle Openers: Functionality is the name of the game for many brides who are shopping for autumn wedding favors. And guests love favors that they can use. Contact Us,Remember those New Year’s Eve nights/early mornings when your parents came back from a party or dinner wearing top hats and tiaras glittering with the New Year’s digits? I do. I remember my parents would pay the babysitter and then cracked the door to my room to see if I’d waited up of course I had to get my first kiss of the New Year. I could still smell my mom’s Opium perfume as she let the balloons she’d lifted from the restaurant float up to my bedroom ceiling.. fondant tools

silicone mould Really I think it should be illegal. Anyway, Saturday night was homecoming and the guy Ryan asked me in a really cute way. He taped a bag across my door and taped the side and the bottom and filled it with popcorn. Aldrich said all you need is two cans (preferably without ribs) one being smaller than the other. Place an inch of water on the bottom of the larger can and freeze. Then place the smaller can inside the larger one and fill the space in between the cans with natural materials such as pine, holly, tiny colorful stones etc. silicone mould

plastic mould They make individual cakes and can add decorations. You could have your wedding cake for around 60 and the cake, whilst not traditional is terrific.We had our wedding cake from there, and it was fab, even though it was dropped from a great height by the couriers so arrived in a few bits (all tasted great though, and the hotel’s patisserie chef did overtime sticking the bits back on.) We then got a house cake for our anniversary, free, because of the hassle with the courier. It was basically a chocolate pillar with massive chocolate “wings” on top, and maltesers set in drizzled chocolate. plastic mould

kitchenware CONGRATULATIONS to Michael Fitzsimons and the Dublin footballers on their Leinster Final win over Westmeath on Sunday. Well done to Cuala’s Shane O’Brien and the Dublin camogie team on a hard fought draw against Clare on Saturday. Congratulations also to Paul and Mark Schutte, Cian O’Callaghan, Darragh O’Connell, Colm Cronin, David Treacy and the Dublin hurlers on their Qualifier win over Limerick last Saturday. kitchenware

decorating tools For a contemporary spin on decorations, scan Victorian photos baking tools, and, if you are clever with computers, edit the faces, replacing them with each guest’s image. Use as place cards or frame for favors. Research events that occurred on your honored guest’s birthday during the Victorian period, and print the stories and use them as table favors. decorating tools

bakeware factory The witch’s face and hat can be as simple as drawing one on construction paper or making one with molding clay or any other material you are handy with. You may have an old mask in your box of Halloween goodies and the witch’s hat you wore for last year’s office party. Get a little silly, and your witch could wear a stocking hat, baseball cap, or a top hat bakeware factory.

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