Personal Insurance (Life, TPD, Trauma and IP) – Adviser vs Direct

Paul SazaklidisYou would have to have had your head stuck in the sand not to have noticed the constant bombardment of direct insurance sales day in day out both on TV and radio. Pulling on your heart strings, talking about your family and letting you know how easy it is and how cheap it is to protect both you and your family.

Well congrats to the big budget spin doctor advertisers who are having a major impact on the personal insurance industry in Australia, by  offering low cost (check out the fine print on your screen which advises it is for a 25 year old non-smoker), automatic cover with no medicals (unfortunately many of these products are underwritten at time of claim).

We, as consumers have become so reliant on the media to make important life decisions and become so lazy that we do not bother researching what is best for us and our families. Why settle for a company offering one product only. Is it competitive? Will it suit your personal circumstances? Will they help you with your claim? Will they fight for you if your claim is rejected?

What the consumer does not realise is that in most cases the cover being offered directly is approximately 40% more expensive than what can be offered by an adviser through a Life Office. If you think going direct will save you money then you are sorely mistaken.

Now, let’s look at some advantages of having a Professional Risk Adviser do all the hard work for you. At Fundzcorp Financial Services we;

  • will analyse your personal circumstances and ensure we offer you a range of products that will ensure your needs, goals and objectives will be taken care of
  • will ensure the process is timely and efficient and will endeavor to meet with you where it suits you. Our office, your office, your home or a café over coffee
  • make certain that whatever cover is put in place is underwritten at time of application to ensure both you and the life office know where everyone stands at time of claim
  • we will only offer products that are guaranteed renewable (Life Office cannot cancel or alter your cover once it is approved regardless of what happens to you after acceptance)
  • review your circumstances and your cover every 12 months to ensure it is still appropriate for you
  • will be there with you or your family at time of claim and will administer the process on your behalf

The great thing is that we do not charge a fee for the above services and there is absolutely no obligation to move forward with any of the recommendations. We are happy knowing you have gone through the process, are educated and informed in the areas you have sought advice on.

 So, great advice, no fees, no obligation, no pushy sales people, a go to person 24/7, access to a claims expert, far more cost effective premiums and products that offer comprehensive benefits.

 I just wish that we as advisers could get together and advertise our services to ensure consumers are not pigeon holed into being offered inferior products and services.

 Please feel free to call us for a review of your personal circumstances to ensure both you and your family is properly protected.

 Paul Sazaklidis (Risk Adviser)

Fundzcorp Financial Services 03 9480 6444

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