Superannuation is an ideal way to invest for your retirement. Tax concessions and other government benefits currently make it one of the best long term investment vehicles. Your savings grow because money is paid in regularly by your employer (min 9.5% of your earnings) and/or by you, which your super fund then invests at low rates of tax. Your contributions to your super fund are typically invested in a range of assets such as cash, property and shares. Many super funds also offer insurance cover where by in the event of your death, or if an illness or accident makes you unable to work you may be able to receive a benefit. Usually money from your superannuation account can only be taken out at retirement.

When you retire the amount of money you will need depends on the level of income you want during your retirement years, and the number of years that you’ll be relying on your own funds. The higher the income you want, and the longer you need it, the more money you’ll have to save before retirement. Our team of Financial Planners have an exceptional understanding of the number of Super options available and will help you to determine the amount of money you may need in retirement.

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably lost a lot of money in your professionally managed super fund over the past year or so.  But you needn’t put up with your under-performing superannuation manager any longer, contact us today!


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