At Fundzcorp Financial Services we have a specialised risk department that can analyse your personal insurance needs or review your current personal insurance policies.

We generally protect ourselves from losing assets we acquire by insuring them. Buying a house goes hand in hand with home and contents insurance. Likewise, buying a car automatically makes you think of car insurance. 
But what about protecting you and your family’s current and future lifestyle?

You should ask yourself;

  • How long can you maintain your current lifestyle with no income?
  • What would happen if you suffered an illness, injury, trauma or even worse, you died?

Risks you could face in the future may include:

  • Emotional, physical or mental trauma
  • Death or serious illness
  • Loss of income due to temporary or permanent incapacity
  • Damage to your house or other personal assets
  • Financial Impact to your family

Most Australians are underinsured and have a false sense of security thinking that they are adequately covered through superannuation group policies. A huge majority of Australians who have insurance through superannuation are still well underinsured which in turn would place an extraordinary burden on their families should they pass away or become disabled.

At Fundzcorp Financial Sevices our specialist Risk Advisers can tailor a risk protection strategy for you in the areas of Life, Total and Permanent Disability, Trauma and Income Protection Insurance to minimise the financial burden placed on you and your family in the unfortunate case of any of the abovementioned events occurring.

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